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For Parents
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At CMC, educating the parents of our patients is a priority. This section is dedicated to providing parents with answers to some common questions.

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Immunization Schedule
Listed below is a schedule of immunizations and tests that are recommended. We hope to see you and your child during these months in order to provide the best possible care for your growing baby.
  • 3-4 Days Newborn Check-up; Hepatitis B #1 (if not given in the hospital)
  • 2 Weeks Repeat PKU-Thyroid Screen
  • 1 Month Hepatitis B #2
  • 2 Months DTaP #1, HIB #1, Polio #1, Prevnar #1, Rotateq #1
  • 4 Months DTaP #2, HIB #2, Polio #2, Prevnar #2, Rotateq #2
  • 6 Months DTaP #3, HIB #3, Prevnar #3, Rotateq #3
  • 9 Months Hepatitis B #3,
  • 12 Months Varicella #1, TBTest (PPD), MMR #1, Hepatitis A#1, urinalysis, hemoglobin and lead level (blood test)
  • 15 Months HIB #4, Prevnar #4
  • 18 Months DTaP #4, Polio #3, Hep A#2
  • 2-4 Years Annual physical exam which includes hemoglobin, urinalysis, vision, hearing
  • 4-6 Years: Prior to your child entering kindergarten, she will need a complete exam as well as DTaP #5, MMR #2, Polio #4, Varicella #2, hemoglobin, urinalysis and PPD, vision and hearing test. If your child is entering pre-kindergarten, some of these vaccines may be required prior to entry. Check with your school for details.
  • 11-12 Years: TdaP, Menactra (meningitis), and Gardasil (HPV…females only), Complete physical which includes urinalysis, hemoglobin, vision, hearing, cholesterol check (if risk factors present).
In addition to this schedule, all children should be scheduled for a yearly checkup.
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