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At Children's Medical Center, we offer exceptional medical care and services.

If you are a new patient, need to request medical records from us, or require school forms, download and the complete the appropriate form and return to our office. New patients, please bring the completed forms for your first visit.

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We are concerned with keeping your child as healthy as possible. For this reason, certain immunizations and tests are given routinely during the first years of life. We hope to see you and your child during these months in order to provide the best possible care. We have established these guidelines based on recommendations by the American Academy of Pediatrics and the Centers for Disease Control.

Please take a moment to review our Privacy Policy and web site Disclaimer.

Insurance information is subject to change at any time, so please call any of our offices for insurance questions. We have contracts with most major medical insurance companies. These include the following:

Requests for medical records and school forms are handled by our medical records department.

Our goal is to make your experience with the referral process as pleasant as possible. We will make every effort to accommodate your needs. We only ask that you have patience as we have no control over the insurance companies, specialist offices, and facilities for diagnostic testing & therapies. All of our offices have referral departments. If necessary, our staff will help coordinate a referral to a specialist for your child.

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Services We Offer
Waiting Rooms
Each of our offices provides separate waiting rooms for well children, sick children, and newborns.
Prenatal Visits
As a service to our expectant parents we provide prenatal consultations. Please contact any of our offices to make an appointment.
Diagnostic Testing
All of our offices provide lab and x-ray services on site. However, certain specialty testing may need to be referred to outside facilities.
We make every effort to see sick children the day the call is placed for an appointment. Well visits and physicals can usually be accommodated within one to two weeks.
24 Hour Emergency Service
For emergency situations, we have a 24-hour answering service available to you.
Referral Department
All of our offices have referral departments. If necessary, our staff will help coordinate a referral to a specialist for your child.
New Patient Packet Medical Records Release School Forms Request

You will need Adobe Reader to view and print our forms. If you don't have it, please download it here.

Medical History
Exams & Immunizations
Listed below is a schedule of immunizations and tests that are recommended. We hope to see you and your child during these months in order to provide the best possible care for your growing baby.
  • 3-4 Days Newborn Check-up; Hepatitis B #1 (if not given in the hospital)
  • 2 Weeks Repeat PKU-Thyroid Screen
  • 1 Month Hepatitis B #2
  • 2 Months DTaP #1, HIB #1, Polio #1, Prevnar #1, Rotateq #1
  • 4 Months DTaP #2, HIB #2, Polio #2, Prevnar #2, Rotateq #2
  • 6 Months DTaP #3, HIB #3, Prevnar #3, Rotateq #3
  • 9 Months Hepatitis B #3,
  • 12 Months Varicella #1, TBTest (PPD), MMR #1, Hepatitis A#1, urinalysis, hemoglobin and lead level (blood test)
  • 15 Months HIB #4, Prevnar #4
  • 18 Months DTaP #4, Polio #3, Hep A#2
  • 2-4 Years Annual physical exam which includes hemoglobin, urinalysis, vision, hearing
  • 4-6 Years: Prior to your child entering kindergarten, she will need a complete exam as well as DTaP #5, MMR #2, Polio #4, Varicella #2, hemoglobin, urinalysis and PPD, vision and hearing test. If your child is entering pre-kindergarten, some of these vaccines may be required prior to entry. Check with your school for details.
  • 11-12 Years: TdaP, Menactra (meningitis), and Gardasil (HPV…females only), Complete physical which includes urinalysis, hemoglobin, vision, hearing, cholesterol check (if risk factors present).
In addition to this schedule, all children should be scheduled for a yearly checkup.
Privacy Policy & Disclaimer

Privacy Policy
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Practice Policies
About Appointments
Insurance Companies
  • CMS T19 & T21
    Medical Records
    New Patients
    If you are a new patient and need to request copies of your child?s medical records from your previous physician, you must complete a medical record request form included in our new patient packet. You may download the forms from our website and return the completed forms to our office.
    Medical Records Release
    If you need your child's medical records released to another facility or physician, you must complete the medical records release form and return it to our office.
    School Forms Request
    If you need forms for school, a school forms request form must be completed. Please allow 5-7 business days for processing. Keep in mind, your child must have had a well visit within one year of the date of request in order to receive a physical form. You may download the request form from our website or you can call our office and push the medical records option to speak to our medical records department. You may either fax the form back to us or bring back to the office from which it was originally requested.
    FAQ About Patient Referrals
    1) Do I need a referral?
    When your doctor requests your referral for a specialist or diagnostic testing and therapy they do not know if you require a referral or authorization. The referral department will contact your insurance and issue what is required. If nothing is required a letter will be sent to you with the information you will need to facilitate your doctors? request.
    2) When will I receive my referral?
    Referrals are mailed within 5 to 7 business days as long as your insurance does not delay any authorizations needed. If you have important information and need special consideration, contact the referral department (see #6 below).
    3) Who will I see or where do I go?
    All the information will be included with your referral. If you have a specific provider you would like to be referred to contact the referral department (see #6 below).
    4) Will you pick a specialist or facility on my plan?
    When a referral or authorization is required by your insurance we will be sure the person or facility is on your plan. If you need to know who your doctor recommends then contact our operator and leave the doctor a message for a call back to discuss this matter.
    5) Will you make my appointment?
    Due to scheduling conflicts we encourage our parents to schedule their own specialist appointments and diagnostic testing.
    6) How do I contact the referral department?
    The referral department can be reached by calling the office that your request was made in and selecting prompt #4.
    7) What should I do if my referral expires?
    You may contact the referral department and request another referral. You do not have to see our doctors again.

    NOTE: Proceeding without correspondence from Children?s Medical Center Referral Department could result in delayed patient care or insurance denial when prior authorization is required.

    Prescription Refills
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